Terms of Service

The GigaLupa portal policy presented here concerns the content served and the rules governing the inclusion of third-party portals to be found through this search engine.

The content you publish on your website, which can be accessed through the GigaLupa community portal, must comply with the rules and regulations of this portal and with the laws in force.

Do not post content protected by intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademark, without the owner's permission.

Do not publish content that is illegal, that may cause harm or violate any other right of third parties.

Do not use or reproduce the services of this community for commercial, advertising or illegal purposes.

Adult content is only allowed in respective areas. The absence of these areas means that this type of content is not currently allowed.

The GigaLupa portal reserves the right, at its own discretion, to act against users who publish content or carry out any activity that violates these principles. Sites that eventually disobey the rules established here will be eliminated from the GigaLupa portal search without any prior notice.

The GigaLupa portal has no link or responsibility for the content published on third-party sites.

The GigaLupa portal analyzes the sites suggested manually. This process can take an average of seven days. However, there is no specific deadline for the inclusion of sites. If your site is rejected for any reason, the person responsible will be informed and will be able to provide their justifications for re-evaluation. The justifications will be analyzed within the terms of the portal, being subject to deferral or changes may be suggested that fit the site in the norms. In this situation, the site may be included within a new period, if it fits the suggested changes.

By registering your site to be served through the GigaLupa portal, you are agreeing with all the terms and conditions established here.